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B-Banded Resistance Bands

4 RESISTANCE BANDS – Great for Bombshells at every fitness level. Each exercise band offers a different level of resistance to work muscles throughout the whole body to augment your workouts and help shape the Bombshell Body. Versatile and easy to use anywhere. From home to the gym you can B-Banded.

Shannon Dey founded Bombshell Inc. in 2007 to empower women from all across the globe through fitness. Her fervent belief that women can be strong, smart and sexy all rolled in to one is the driving force behind Bombshell Inc. and the designs of B-Couture. Whether you wear B-Couture for fitness, fashion or fun, let it be a reminder that YOU are powerful, YOU are beautiful, YOU have a VOICE and YES, you CAN have it all!

B-Strong, B-Smart, B-Sexy…B-Couture.

10% of all proceeds from B-Couture will be donated to B-Empowered, a charitable organization piloted by Bombshell Inc., dedicated to the empowerment and education of women and girls throughout the world.


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