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Bombshell Booty Bands

These non-slip resistance bands are sure to really enhance your workouts! Starting from the pink band being the hardest resistance to the purple band being the lightest resistance you are sure to get in a killer booty workout! And every order comes with a travel bag!

Shannon Dey founded Bombshell Inc. in 2007 to empower women from all across the globe through fitness. Her fervent belief that women can be strong, smart and sexy all rolled in to one is the driving force behind Bombshell Inc. and the designs of B-Couture. Whether you wear B-Couture for fitness, fashion or fun, let it be a reminder that YOU are powerful, YOU are beautiful, YOU have a VOICE and YES, you CAN have it all!

B-Strong, B-Smart, B-Sexy…B-Couture.

10% of all proceeds from B-Couture will be donated to B-Empowered, a charitable organization piloted by Bombshell Inc., dedicated to the empowerment and education of women and girls throughout the world.

12 reviews for Bombshell Booty Bands – Grit Collection

  1. Julia

    THESE ARE NO JOKE! Great quality, no rolling and really make those glutes WORK! … and I LOVE the edgy color palette!

  2. Maria

    Perfect for all my exercises and all different variations! Never slide. 🙌They take my workouts to the next level!

  3. Monica

    Best booty bands!!! No slip, slide or rolling!!

  4. Sarah

    Great quality bands! I always bring these with me to the gym!! They definitely make a difference in my workouts.

  5. Nicole

    These are the best booty bands!!! No slip, slide or rolling!!

  6. Kayla

    These took my workouts to the NEXT level!!! Talk about game changer! These booty bands are a perfect way to amp up the intensity 👏🏽👌🏾

  7. Lily (verified owner)

    Best quality bands I have ever used!

  8. Samantha

    Wow… so super soft and stays in place during my workouts and cardio… great way to add EXTRA to your workouts.

  9. tatum

    Absolutely LOVE these bands – top quality!!!!

  10. Jessica

    There are no booty bands on the market like these! These take your booty training to the next level and they stay in place with the no slip fabric material.

  11. Asia

    Love these bands! They keep the tension right in the glutes without rolling up.

  12. Jessy

    I cannot say enough about these bands!!! I will never use regular resistance bands ever again! These are great for every leg training exercise you can think of…and adding to your cardio is a gamechanger. I love that the bands do not roll up and cut into my legs!

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