No one said you can only have one BFF, so we created BFF No. 2 for even more fat burning. In the battle against body fat, you need every friend you can get!

BFF No. 2 CLA Metabolic Support delivers a high quality and effective dose of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) for enhanced body composition (more muscle – less fat).  CLA facilitates fat metabolism while simultaneously preserving lean muscle and tone.

CLA is one of the most studied fat loss supplements on the planet, and we looked at over 100 medical trials before releasing the product.

When it comes to changing your body, CLA has demonstrated to help preserve lean body mass while dieting (1), and this is critical to building the body of your dreams. Working out and building muscle is hard work and you don’t want it all to disappear as you try to diet off the fat.

The critical benefit here is preserving lean muscle while dieting. CLA could prevent you from appearing skinny, soft, and tired and help to look fit, toned, and healthy.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a naturally-occurring form of the omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid (the “LA” in CLA). By now you’ve probably heard and read that some fats are healthy and provide more benefits than others, and this is one of those great fats.

Eating CLA won’t make you fat – it can help you burn it off. Numerous studies show that supplementing your healthy diet with CLA can help you lose fat and improve your body composition (2)(3)(4).

So now you’re burning fat and keeping muscle, but there’s more… SO MUCH MORE…
CLA has also demonstrated that it may help you to:

  • Regulate blood sugar (5)
  • Prevent cancer and tumor growth (6)
  • Improve symptoms of asthma (7)
  • Reduce protein breakdown and increase lean muscle (8)

BFF No. 2 CLA is the perfect complement to the BFF No. 1 stimulant-free fat loss formula. While BFF No. 1 is targeting fat loss and increased metabolism, BFF No. 2 kicks in by enhancing the fat loss AND preserving your lean muscle.

Don’t let your hard training and diet go to waste – let your new BFF’s help you reach your goals faster than you ever imagined!

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