At Bombshell, we are all about efficiency and GREAT taste. So, we combined three powerful recovery aids into one convenient and potent formula. Restore’s™ unique blend is designed to help jumpstart the muscle repair process so you can keep training hard day after day – plus, it tastes AMAZING with NO aftertaste!

When should you drink Restore™? Sip it during your workouts to help you train harder longer. Slam it post-workout to kick-start recovery. Savor it all day long in your daily gallon of water.

Restore™ features the optimal BCAA 4:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine to reduce fatigue and soreness; accelerate recovery; and facilitate protein synthesis. Glutamine, which is easily depleted during periods of intense training, is essential for muscle recovery as well as inflammation reduction and immune system support. And, finally, coconut powder hydrates and replenishes electrolytes lost during your sweat sessions. Its antioxidants also help to reduce the oxidative stress caused by exercise.

Besides helping you repair and build your beautiful Bombshell body, you'll look forward to our seriously delicious flavors: Caramel Appletini, Strawberry Margarita, and Peachy Mango Daiquiri!

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